Universal Realtree Seat Cover By SPG

The common thinking about the seat covers of the car is that the seat covers may not decorate the interior and it may dull the look of the interior of the car. But this not actually true, you can get seat covers in different designs and styles. In the inception of neoprene seat covers, people believed that they can’t get designer seat covers from neoprene materials. The fact is the neoprene seat covers are available in various styles and designs that suits for the color and the interior of any car. Universal Neoprene Seat Cover, REALTREE is a designer neoprene sear cover that adds style to the seat of your and gives needed protection. The neoprene seat covers are really helpful to protect your seat covers from dirt, scratch, and any kind of wear and tear.

Overview of Universal REALTREE SPG Seat Cover

The Universal Seat Cover, REALTREE style is a neoprene material seat cover available on Amazon, and if you read the reviews you could get to know the performance of the seat cover. The best of this model is the design used in the seat cover, real tree design is used and the seat cover looks like real tree in the forest therefore the seat will look stylish. This seat cover is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about the water and drink spills. Since it is water resistant the water will not enter into the seat and spoil the cushion and also there is no chance for your dress to get wet while sitting.

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Specifications of the product

3mm neoprene material is used in this model therefore you can protect your seats from stains and dirt easily. The weight of the item is 1.7 pounds therefore it is lightweight to use and this model seat cover is easily washable therefore no chance for formation of stains and dirt. You can use plain water with any kind of detergent or shampoo to clean the seat cover and the nylon lining used in the seat cover resist the water and heat. This brand promises that it suits all type or any type of bucket seats of any car. It does not matter the seat of the car has seat belts this model suits perfectly for the seats with and without seat cover. For perfect fit of the seat cover to the seats of any car there is an adjustable seat belt so that the cover does not look slack as the dimension of the product is 9.4 x 9.1 x 7.1 inches.


The users witness that this model seat cover does not produce heat even in the long travel and also moisture resistant therefore it is suitable in different climatic conditions. Since it is inflammable the cigarette smokers don’t have to worry about burning holes in the seat of their car due to the ashes. The installation of the seat cover is also very easy and altogether this is best of all as the product stands popular in the market because of the multiple advantages. No one would hesitate to spend a little money to protect the seats of their valuable car. It is highly recommended to buy SPG brand Universal Neoprene Seat Cover by REALTREE.
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