Step by Step Installation Guide

Many of use want or already use them and the most important thing is that we want to protect the seats from all kinds of wear and tear therefore we should use covers to achieve that. They are manufactured with cushions and sponges to give comfort to the driver and the passenger. If the seat is not well then the drive and the ride will be tired and painful in the end. The seat of the car is designed so that the passengers in the car can sit and relax during the journey therefore the manufacturers have tried different methods to provide the most comfort that any seat can give. The comfort of the seat not only lies in the spongy effect of the seat but also the material used to cover the sponge and the cushion. To protect the outer layer of the seat the seat covers are used and the one of the best seat cover material is neoprene. Let us learn how to install neoprene seat covers for your car or any other vehicle.

The neoprene seat covers are famous seat covers these days since the neoprene material proves the quality through various advantages. The neoprene seat covers are made up of neoprene materials with nylon lining thus it allows nice elasticity and flexibility for the passengers to sit and relax. Traveling in the seat covered by the neoprene seat covers gives awesome comfort and there is no pain even when you travel long journey. Usually the seat covers produce heat when the person sits in the same place for a long time but the neoprene is not like that as this seat cover is heat resistant. The nylon lining evaporates the liquid spills over the seat and therefore we don’t get our dress wet in any case.

Knowing how to install neoprene seat covers is very important because without proper installation you can’t experience the promised comfort during the travel. The length of the life of the seat cover will be reduced if it is not properly installed.

Follow these steps of installation

  • First look for the head rests in the seat, because you have to remove it so that you can install the cover to the seat easily. The head rest is removable in the most of the cars but depends upon the brand you use. There will be tabs near the legs of the headrest by pressing it or using it as an open type button you can remove the headrest. Sometimes the headrest will have pin holes to remove or otherwise both pinhole and the tab.
  • Then start installing the seat cover to the seat from the head or upper side, while you install if the armrest is in the seat press it upwards. Pull the seat cover upwards before installing so that you can easily cover the seat gradually.
  • Starting from the head unroll the seat cover down till the cover reaches the bottom of the seat. Press the bottom flap of the seat cover to the opening between the seat back and the bottom. If the seats are fold-able better fold it as you can easily install the seat cover.
  • Now start with the bottom seat cover, push the cover from the front side of the bottom to cover the bottom seat and buckle under the seat using the buckles. There will be the side hooks in the seat cover attach it or clip it to the buckles so that seat cover stays fit without any loose.

After the installation is finished, reinstall the headrests, while reinstalling the head rests, stretch the seat cover properly. Be cautious to adjust the airbags if your seat is integrated with airbag and mare sure that the cover is not blocking the air bag, avoiding that may cause serious risks in case of accident.

Universal Neoprene Seat Cover Installation

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