Best Neoprene Seat Covers for All Cars

Most of the people simply doesn’t pay much attention to the importance of having a quality seats in the car at first, but later on they realize that seat covers are essential add-on most of the time, it depends on how the car is being used.

I believe that cars with right seat covers are looking much better and this is the most popular material to get your car a fresh and luxury look because it’s very stylish comparing to all the ugly and old setups. The reason I always recommend neoprene is that they look much better, actually they fit like a glove and don’t make an impression of a sheet you placed on your seats comparing to other types of covers. It provides us with much needed comfort and high level of protection from damages that can be done driving your car in every day routines.

In most of the cases people are looking for seat covers who will give the car a refreshing look, this applies to all kinds of cars including trucks or Jeep, putting them on will be ready to go beaching right away as they are offering protection like no other materials do, in other words name from neoprene does the best job. Sitting on them feels very comfortable and with variety of colors you can pick the set of colors you like. Tons of different styles gives you the choice to pick unique style like rugged one and as they are made from water repelling material it wears well and of course looks just fantastic.

Advantages of Using Neoprene Seat Covers

Now let’s see what are major advantages. Let’s start from materials, seat covers are being made from various materials and fabrics, they all are different in one way or another, well known are these; sheepskin, leather, canvas and of course neoprene. Neoprene car seat covers are made from high quality rubber and there is a lot of modifications such as synthetic rubber or more advanced ones using Nano technology. It’s important to add that neoprene seat covers are the most popular in the automotive market, and there are major reasons for that, so let’s see what main advantages of choosing neoprene are.

Top 7 Neoprene Seat Covers

So here is the most popular and best rated covers for your seats.

Infina Neoprene Protector
Vauser TM waterproof neoprene coverVauser TM Waterproof Durable Cover
Eclipse premiumEclipse Premium Non-Slip
MaybronMayBron Gear Waterproof
Rugged Ridge Custom Pair
FH GROUP FB116115FH GROUP Neo-Modern Covers
Jaybally seat protectorJaybally Front Seat Protector

Heat proof

I bet you had a situation then you left your car in the sun during the hot day and you know how hot the seats are after leaving the car in direct sun light for quite some time. The first advantage is that seat covers made from neoprene don’t heat up that much left in direct sunlight, they get just slightly warm and if you have conditions where you have to leave your car in the sun – neoprene seat covers are essential as they just don’t absorb heat that much, so in the summer time your seats will be cooler and will stay warm during winter. They are heat resistant and serve the purpose very well protecting your legs and butt from burning and help air conditioning and heating systems of your car to perform more efficiently.

Moisture resistant

resistantSituations where you spilled something in your car occur pretty often if you think about it. These situations car easily leave stains on your seats and the picture is not pleasant at all. Neoprene is here to help again, seat covers are made from the same material as high end wet suits and helps to protect the seats from damage caused by spills of various fluids and so on. It’s easy to clean the seats as all the water that gets on to neoprene is captured and eventually evaporates in to the air, thanks to 4 layers technology.


The material is soft and pleasant to touch with your skin. Extra padding allows you to sit really comfortably during the longest trips, also neoprene is letting air to circulate, this will make you feel even more comfortable and don’t make you sweat comparing to other materials.

Flame protected

Neoprene seat covers are safe and flame proof, of course if you set it on fire with direct flame and purpose, nothing will help, but with accidental contact with fire – you are safe. If you like to smoke in your car you may drop ashes touch the seat with lit cigarette accidentally. Other seat covers would get damaged, but not neoprene, it helps to prevent the flames and a very terrible situations where you may burn your car by accident.


jeep wrangler with neoprene setupOne of the major advantages of neoprene seat covers is their excellent durability, first they are safe, water and heat resistant. Protection from friction is added to this arsenal and it does the job very well. If you use your car for short distance rides and you have to get in and out of the vehicle many times during the daily routines, seat covers made from neoprene are very durable and has perfect friction protection, it’s because rubber is main component. They are resistant to such damage. Also other materials are getting damaged if left in the sun, colors fade and they look bad during the time, and ones made from neoprene look much better and last longer, of course it depends on the models and brand.


In today’s world durability and affordability doesn’t match very often, but speaking about seat covers and especially made from neoprene we can get both of these pretty easy and the choice is yours. If you have doubts about durability you should just know that they are resistant to most of the threats and that makes them the best choice for your car.
If you compare neoprene to other materials, it comes way cheaper and durable, especially for those who live an active life with the car. Choosing them helps buyers to save money without any loss of quality.

These are just a small number of advantages of using neoprene seat covers and to sum it all up I will say that they are good in hot environment for example if you leave your car in the sun for quite some time and coming back to get home, you will not get your legs burnt. Protection from spills and moisture damage to your seats, and friction friendly for those who get in and out of the car numerous times a day.