CalTrend Front Row Bucket Covers For Toyota Tacoma

Comfort, easy to install and water repellent are the main factors to be considered while buying car seat cover. The manufacturers of the seat covers mainly focuses on these factors to satisfy the customer and to out-stand in the competition. But the fact is that companies like call trend seat cover makers strive to give comfort, easy installation and water resistant seat covers that is of best quality and durability. The durability of the product is very important if the car is used for regular purpose. Some car owners use the car seldom or they take long drives seldom, but for the car owners who use the car often and who frequently take long journey in the car durability of the seat cover is the main factor. Unless it is durable they have to change the cover quite often.


Features of CalTrend Seat cover

Cal Trend Front Row Bucket Custom Fit Seat Cover that fits to most of the cars used to drive around town and going for a long journey. The CalTrend has manufactured the best front seat covers using neoprene material that is robust and well fitting for all type of cars. The lining material used in the seat cover is the nylon material which resists the heat therefore the passengers can travel long journey without any hassles. This product is perfect in resisting the water therefore the water will not invade the seats and spoil the cushion. There are many seat covers which are not effective in resisting the water like this model and the seat will get spoiled in no time in such cases. The water and drinks spilled by kids or by mischievous acts of pet animals will cause wet effect to us and disturb the driving.

Specifications of CalTrend Front Row Bucket Custom Fit Seat Cover

If we are drenched in the rain or returning from any water spot with wet suits then it will also affect the seats. The main person who needs the comfort is the driver of the car and the Cal trend provides best front seat covers. The front seat covers and front row seat covers. The size of the product is 23 x 20 x 6 inches and the seat covers suits to the most of the bucket seat types and the installation of the seat cover is very easy, reported by the users.

User reviews

This model seat cover is weightless but gives awesome comfort for the driver and the rider in the front row. The seat cover is heat resistant and UV resistant and hence not easily damaged. The only condition is we should avoid certain corrosive materials that affect the neoprene compound apart from that the neoprene seat cover is durable and rugged enough to use.
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Once installed the materials sticks to the seat and it is not slippery and gives better grip. The seat cover fits well with the front side, back side and the bottom of the seat so that the seat looks well fitted and unmovable. The CalTrend seat covers are available in various colors with different styles and the brand promises the sporty look added to the interior of the car irrespective of any type of the car.