Rugged Ridge black neoprene seat protector review

Neoprene seat covers are becoming familiar these days as there are many advertisements promoting the advantages of using it. Neoprene seat covers are really helpful for those who own a car and consider it as a valuable asset, loving kids and a pet dog that they really love like anything. Traveling in the car with kids and the pet animal is really amazing experience and everyone would love it. The problem for the car owners they can even control their kids those who can understand some basic things but they are actually not able to control the pet animals they have. The pet animal they have may be dog or cat, both have paw with claws. They claws of the pet animals scratch or tear the seat and this is unavoidable for many car owners as they love their pet so much.


About Rugged Ridge 13235.20 Black Neoprene Front Seat Protector

Neoprene seat cover is the best that benefits the user with all the great features and there is a slight difference between the seat cover and the seat protector. The neoprene seat protectors differ from the neoprene seat covers in the appearance. Rugged Ridge 13235.20 Black Neoprene Front Seat Protector – Pair seat protectors look like sleeveless and it mainly covers the head rest, the leaning part of the seat and the bottom part of the seat. The best of this seat protector is there are many option like water bottle holder, zip carrier and the pockets for the storage. The benefit of the neoprene seat protector is the cushion comfort in the bottom of the seat which is a thin layer with nylon lining material. The users have reviewed that the product is rugged and provides the best comfort to sit and also protects the seat from the wear and tear by pet animals, spills and dust.



User Recommendations

People usually don’t have heart to leave the pets at home when they have the journey, therefore the seat covers or the protectors is the needed solution for such people who can take their kids who spill drinks, eatables and water and the pet animals that do damages to the seats in their car. If the seat cover just protects the seats from stains and water but if it does produce heat then it will irritate the passengers and the driver to travel. No one could tolerate the heat produced by the seat covers in the long journey. Therefore using the seat cover that does not produce heat and resist the water and inflammable is very advantageous for the car owners. It is wiser to buy Rugged Ridge 13235.20 Black Neoprene Front Seat Protector – Pair to avoid the maintenance cost of changing the seats or cleaning the seats.


This brand offers 5 year warranty and within the warranty period they can fix the damages or change the product if needed. The weight of the product is 4 pounds and the seat cover fits most of the cars as the size of the product is 10.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 inches.